Our offices will be closed from Dec. 25, 2023 - Jan. 1, 2024
All donations made online or postmarked by Dec. 31st will be counted in the 2023 tax year.

Become a Philharmonic Member

It’s time to get out and enjoy the arts by purchasing a Philharmonic membership! As you begin to see crowded concert halls once more, you might take a glance around and assume that the Philharmonic generates its funds through ticket sales. On the contrary, ticket sales only make up about 30% of what the orchestra takes in annually. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on generous gifts and patron memberships. This allows us to maintain our place as a professional symphonic orchestra which curates unique and exciting programs to attend each year.  

We have revamped both our website and our box office ticketing software to make things more convenient. You can now browse the different membership levels directly on our website and join right from your device. Memberships range from just $10 a month to more substantial donations on an annual basis. As you increase in level of membership, the next level includes all the benefits of the preceding memberships and more.

If you have any uncertainty as to which type of membership you’d be most interested in, our site lists out the benefits under each category. For example, the Mozart Membership (popular among young professionals), includes additional tickets to fun, unique events such as Bachtoberfest, Vino with the Maestro, and more events outside of our main-stage concerts. You can expect some events to recur annually with only slight modifications each year, such as Bachtoberfest, while others may be newly organized by the Mozart Committee in collaboration with the admin of the Philharmonic in order to continue to garner new experiences.

To check out different membership options in more detail, check out: https://abiphil.com/support/impacts-and-benefits/